The Double D’s

Last weekend was an annual Halloween Barn Bash we love to attend.  Sadly we had to miss it last year so this year we were ready for a good time!  I was struggling to come up with a costume until a friend of mine showed me a picture of a couple dressed as a huge set of boobs!  You can see the original pic HERE.  Well I thought it was hilarious and set out to make a set of my own for Bill and I to wear.  Of course Bill was excited about this particular costume and didn’t fight me on dressing up like he normally would!  What is it with men and boobs anyway?  Sadly I didn’t get very many good pictures once the party was under way but this one was taken before we left and it shows it pretty well!

We’ve been called the Double D’s in the past seeing as our last name starts with “D” but never has it been so appropriate.  Needless to say the costume was a hit even if we did have to put of with a lot of groping and motor-boating along the way.  We even had some cash stuffed in the bra… can’t beat that!  In the end we won the costume contest and came away with a $50 gift certificate to one of my favorite local Italian restaurants!  The only problem I see is coming up with something just as good next year!


41 thoughts on “The Double D’s

    • I went to the local party supply store and they had 36 inch balloons. That was bigger than I needed but I just blew them up to the desired size. I did not sew the shirts together because that would have driven my husband and I nuts all night…we just stood next to each other! I just took cream fabric and sewed it to the front of our t-shirts and put the balloon underneath and left enough fabric on the sides to just pull it snug and tie it around the back. The bra was even easier. That was just draped and tied tightly around the back and I cut the strap and twisted it and pinned it in back. Pretty easy to make once I figured out how I was going to do it!

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  3. For the bra I used red jersey fabric….about a yard and a half for each side. I cut and draped it in the shape of a bra and tied it around the back and twisted the “strap” and pinned it to the back of each tee. Hope that helps!

  4. Sandi – We stole your idea this year and it was a HUGE hit at the office. Of course, we weren’t “the double ds” but to keep it (almost) office appropriate, we were “On Vacation”!

    • If you have a link to a picture, I’d love to see it! On vacation….love it! Similar to what we told our 5 year old when she asked what we were…..I told her we were a bathing suit! :)

  5. LOL! That looks pretty funny maybe my boyfriend and I can dress up like that this Halloween!
    No one thought it was inappropriate, right?

    • I just took cream fabric and sewed it to the front of our t-shirts and put the balloon underneath and left enough fabric on the sides to just pull it snug and tie it around the back. Does that help? I just cut it in the shape of our shirts at the top and sewed it to the neck and shoulders down to like the underarm area then slid the balloon under and tied the fabric around the back which required you just leave quite a bit on the sides so you can make it around your back and knot it.

  6. My friend found a link of people wearing a costume like I was searching and found your picture…we are totally doing this for an “H” costume theme Halloween party this year! I think it will get alot of laughs:) I’ll be sure to somehow send you a picture afterwards if you want to see:) We are on a tight budget so not sure how it will come out but we’ll see! considering a child’s ball or beach ball instead of the balloon…?

    • I would love to see a picture! And yes a large beach ball or large kids plastic ball was what I had in mind but there were none for sale anywhere since it was fall! So I ended up with jumbo balloons from Party City. Good luck, hope it turns out great! Still my husbands favorite costume ever, lol.

      • oh – awesome! I run a home daycare so I have lots of childrens balls and I’m pretty sure I have two beach balls kicking around somewhere…..Thanks for the response! I will try to remember to post a pic when it’s finished:)

      • I’m having issues finding shirts that work…and I have those large beach balls..I hate to say it, but they might be too big?! Haha

      • You probably won’t find shirts that work, I couldn’t either. I ended up sewing a panel of fabric on to the front of our shirts and put the balloon under that.

  7. I got a beige sort of colour bedsheet from a second hand store that I’m going to sew or pin on the front to hold the balls in place. I was hoping to make it without having to attach anything together so all pieces could revert back to their old use LOL. It’s unlikely I will wear the costume again as we always go to the same party with the same people!

  8. I have a party Saturday and want to do this! Going tonight to find the items, so 36 in balloons at Party City or plastic balls/beachballs? Hopefully I can get a clear or white color ones…..2 white
    t-shirts and maybe JOANNS for this red jersey fabric? Still not sure on how to make the bra??

    • Yes I used the balloons from party city. The jersey fabric came from Joann’s and you will also need some cream or skin colored jersey fabric. The balloons do NOT fit under your shirt. You need to sew a layer of fabric to the front of your tee shirt and create a sort of pocket to stick the balloon under. As far as the bra I did no sewing. Just draped the red fabric in the shape of a bra and then twisted the top into straps and pinned them on the shoulder. And the bottom just tied around each of our waists. Hope that helps!

  9. Got the fabric and balloons last night and shirts at Old Navy. Now I see your reply, I had no idea the balloons didn’t go under the shirts?
    It looks like it on your picture, I understand what your talking about
    with the pocket but I might of chewed off a little more than I can handle! ha…….So I have to go back now and get white/cream fabric and how does that stick to the shirts? Sorry for the questions….


    • If you can blow up the picture you will see where the fabric is sewn to the shirt. I just cut it to follow the neck and shoulders down to the underarms and sewed it. So it is sewn from one under arm up to the shoulder, to the neck, across the shoulder and down to the other underarm. The rest was just left loose and I stuck the balloon up underneath and then tied the fabric around my back. Hope that helps!

    • Oh geez, I can’t really remember. I think I bought 3 yards so 1.5 for each of us. That is my best guess, I wanted extra to be able to tie around our backs and I remember I had plenty.

  10. I am trying to make this RIGHT NOW !!! I am lost how I will get the straps right ? My husband is much taller than me ? Thinking I need to call my neighbor over to measure to we r even ???

    • The straps are just twisted and pinned. As far as him being that much taller I’m not sure there is much you can do. Are you trying to make it all one piece? Ours was actually separate pieces and we just stood next to each other, we didn’t want to be hooked together. The best you can do is probably have him stoop down when you stand together. If you have his down further then the strap will be way too long.

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