Every so often I get the bug to tackle some projects on my Pinterest boards!  So during a few days of rough weather I decided to make some wreaths!  There are a couple that I have always wanted to do, a book page wreath and a coffee filter wreath.

I tackled the book page wreath first and was not prepared for the amount of work this one was!  I took an old book, tore out the pages and set to making the cones.  Let me tell you making the cones took wayyyy longer than I expected but I was already too far in and the hope for an awesome result pushed me along!


After I finally make what I thought would be enough I made a frame out of foam core and started gluing these bad boys on!



Couple layers on and looking good!


After quite a bit more gluing and several burnt fingers I ended up with a finished product about as cool as I could have ever imagined!  Love it!


So on to the coffee filter wreath.  Apparently I was tired when I got to this one because I took NO pictures of the process!  So the brief overview is I used food coloring to dye the filters and they took a couple days to dry!  I wasn’t expecting that!  However, then this project became the easy one!  I just took a foam wreath form, a glue gun and a pencil and stuck the filters in the form with the pencil and a dab of glue on the end.  This project went super easy and I love the finished product!  Two successful Pinterest craft projects!  Yay!


A Workspace for Olivia!

So I came into possession of my old childhood desk and wanted to give it new life for Olivia.  I also really wanted to make her a work space of her own with a place to keep her things.  I am tired of having her school work spread all over the dining table!  So we had the perfect un-used corner of our dining room that I thought would work well!


So here she is in all her glory!  She has seen better days but has served Megan well at college!


A little bit of sanding and she’s even worse for the wear!


Here is my chosen paint for this project from my favorite paint store Encore 118.  This is a new line they didn’t have when I re-did the kitchen cabinets so I am excited to check it out!


First coat on and I can already tell the color is what I’m looking for!


To add to her work area I wanted a cute bulletin board.  After finding nothing that I quite liked I decided to make one out of this old one that was given to me a few years ago.  I love it when I actually hang on to this stuff and it comes in handy later!


Some fabric and some decorative tacks and we are ready to roll!


The process went pretty well.  I just used spray adhesive so the fabric would stick nicely and the tacks went around the edge.


Finished product!  I had a wooden letter O laying around that I painted up for the finishing touch!


Once I finished painting the desk I used some leftover fabric to cover my old chair and put it all together and fell in love!


I am so happy with how it turned out and Olivia loves it too!


June 2015 – A Month in Review

What a fun and busy month!  From getting ready for the end of school to heading straight on into Summer vacation!

June 1st was our 13th wedding anniversary!  I can’t believe it’s been that long!  I thought I’d leave Bill a little note this year to remind him since he forgot last year!  I should have just let him forget again because I will say nothing brings out the generosity in a man quite like forgetting a wedding anniversary!  :)


Well I had a little mishap this month and ended up with stitches for the first time in my life!  I was cleaning all the candle holders from Andrew’s wedding and sliced myself something horrible.  Sorry for the graphic pic but misery loves company!  And I was miserable.  It’s quite amazing to me just how bad a finger can hurt!


Olivia started her orthodontic journey this month with an appliance!  Looks like a torture device to me but she is being a champ!


We are winding down the school year and part of the fun is always Field Day!  I volunteer for this every year because it’s just way too fun!


Olivia and Cole having an end of school year play date and still squeezing their tiny buns into the Barbie Jeep!


The adopt a garden program is back on at school after some much needed renovations!  So we got a whole new garden.  It was in rough shape but after about 4 hours of work we fixed it right up!  It will be fun to add to it in the Fall!



Last day of gymnastics!


Some little gifts for all the awesome teachers who have helped Liv along they way this year!  Love these ladies!


Last Day of 3rd Grade!


June 12th is Bill’s birthday and we wanted to make him something sweet!  Olivia took charge of most of this and had some fun.  And we all ended up in a sugar coma!



Liv starting off Summer vacation with some serious relaxation!


Bill brought these home for an obvious reason!  We had to laugh because they only thing good about them was the name.  They are organic alright and sure as heck taste like it! Yuk.


I rounded out the month finally finding a new hair stylist I love!!!  Someone who totally gets what I am looking for with color.  Love her and am so happy with my hair now!



May 2015 – A Month in Review

So May was pretty much all about Andrew and Tracy’s wedding.  Handling the decorations was as fun as it was stressful but things worked out great!

I will start off with a few non-wedding related pictures.  The beginning of May is always teacher appreciation week so we put together this cute gift for Olivia’s teacher!

IMG_1650 IMG_1651

The beginning of May is also Ladies Night in Downtown Brighton.  I cannot stress enough the crazy busyness of this event.  It’s twice a year and I have a love, hate relationship with it.  The sales are beyond amazing but the craziness of it takes me to my knees every time.  So I made a little sign this year hoping to calm the ladies down!  :)


And I have to say Bill sure did get my card right for Mother’s Day this year!


Right around and often on Mother’s Day is when I start my flower planting!  Oh how I love my flowers.  This yellow one here is a new favorite of mine.  It’s a Dahlia XXL and I love it!!!


My little Liv had to have a tooth pulled this month in preparation for all the fun orthodontics in her future!  Here she is in the waiting room.  She was such a champ through the whole thing I was shocked!


The Tooth Fairy made sure to come through!


On to wedding stuff and a peak of what I  have been making in my basement for about a month!


Packed up and ready to head out for the main event!




I took this picture at about 8am.  The wedding was at 5 and this was my big GULP moment realizing just all I had to get done!


With much help from my mom and Craig we got it done.  I honestly have no idea how but we did it and I was relieved and I think the bride and groom were happy!













Phew!  What a relief and what a beautiful day!  I can’t believe my nephew is married!  I wish them so much love and happiness!

We ended the month with Memorial Day and our annual pilgrimage back to the beach to officially start Summer!  Yay!



April 2015 – A Month in Review

We started out April with Easter and Spring Break!  We are usually always home for Easter as we typically don’t travel for Spring Break.  I just find everything is so crazy busy so we tend to vacation during other times.  But I know as Olivia gets further into school that will probably have to change!  But for this year we had a nice Easter at home and just traveled with Bill on one of his work trips!

Livy on Easter Eve….


The Easter Bunny’s work is complete!


Lots of hunting around for eggs and baskets!


Time to eat some of the treats, Peeps on a stick!


We spent the afternoon at Pani’s house for Easter dinner and had a fun egg hunt there too! Pani was very smart with her color coded eggs!  :)


One of the fun things we did on Spring Break while travelling with Bill was see the butterflies at Frederick Meijer Gardens.  I’ve always wanted to check this out and it was pretty cool!


This was Molly when we picked her up after a few days away.  Always sooooo happy to come home!


Another fun thing Olivia was able to do during Spring Break was to celebrate her buddy Cole’s birthday!  It just worked out so everyone he wanted to come happened to be home during break!  They had a blast!


After Spring Break was Science Fair time.  We were trying to think of something fun and different to do and came up with a project for Molly to participate in!  We wanted to see if Molly had a favorite color so we set out to experiment!


Turns out she has more of a preference of location than color but it was fun and Olivia won second prize!


The last picture I have to share this month is just a random doodle I found of Olivia’s but it touched my heart.  Love that kid.


March 2015 – A Month in Review

I’ve just pretty much got a lot of random pictures from this month!  Starting with the deer parade outside my window one early March morning.  We do have a lot of deer around quite regularly but they still surprise me when they show up like this as though they are in the middle of the woods.


I have to say I love finding Olivia selfies on my phone, it always cracks me up!


So we found a new app Disney Side this month.  We had sooooo much fun turning ourselves into Disney characters.  Too funny!

IMG_1123 IMG_1125

I might as well get my pet pictures out of the way for the month.  Here is some of the fun that Frank and Molly had!


This fool loves the heating pad.


And apparently this lady loves dirty laundry.


And she’s a goof in the car…..


And he doesn’t care if I am comfortable or not as long as he can sleep!


Here are a couple of my new favorites that came in at work this month.  I must say I love ordering these signs.  Always entertaining!

IMG_1259 IMG_1261

I have to share my new pillow too!  This could not be more true so I had to get it.  Our bed is seriously like a nest where most nights it’s full of the three of us and all the pets!


It finally got warm enough for a little swinging and she sure did love it!


Just a picture of some mini pies I made for my book club.  They turned out pretty darn cute and tasted good too!


One exciting thing that happened this month is good friends and neighbors of ours had their baby girl!  I thought I’d be a little funny with some food I left for them, lol!


We ended March with a very fun event!  Andrew and Tracy’s wedding shower!  Still in disbelief that my baby nephew will be married!  We all chipped in to set up quickly and it turned out pretty good!





February 2015 – A Month in Review

February was a pretty quiet month which is no problem with us!  Valentine’s Day is always a fun way to break up the winter a bit.  I actually always get my Valentine decorations out the day I put my Christmas stuff away.  Seems silly but I like to kill it all at one time!  We made a little Valentine tree out of branches from the yard.  Cute addition to the mantle!


As usual I do a little something special for my little Valentine the morning of Valentine’s Day.  She just loves it so much!


Another fun thing this month was the Daddy Daughter Dance.  This was the FIRST one Bill and Olivia have been able to go to.  For some reason we always have something going on or are on vacation during the dance so this year they finally got to go!  So adorable!


I dropped them off and stalked them from the car!


Just a random pet shot.  I usually have a few of those.  The pets never fail to entertain me!


And this little lady and her baths.  She reminds me of my mom the way she loves a good bath.  I don’t know if I will ever be able to convert her to taking showers!


Just a little gym break!


Another fun thing this month was a last minute sleepover at Aunt Anne’s house with Lucy, another niece in the family.  These two had tons of fun together in their super awesome fort!


That pretty much sums up our quiet yet fun February!